Originated Cornwall, a somewhat magical corner of England, the same place of birth as the famous King Arthur, the otherworldly in appearance Cornish Rex became an inspiration for this jewellery collection. The arched body of a Cornish Rex is a real study in curves. These cats have large expressive ears, hollow cheeks, a strongly bridged Roman nose and a whippy long tail. Although they appear aloof and dignified, these felines are charming and affectionate, not to mention their high intelligence. As all cats like to rule their own lives, the Lamorne collection is dedicated to people with a strong sense of independence and individuality.



A cat is a creature of dual nature. Its character is captured in the Lamorne bracelet. Delicately laid down ears of a Cornish Rex suggest its inaccessibility and temperament, however for some the cat reveals its second nature. The inside of the bracelet is decorated with a subtle ornament symbolizing beauty and charm. Slender tail closes the bracelet’s oval forming a shape of the cat’s fang. Bracelet for those who walk their own paths in life.


Available in 18k yellow gold with emeralds.

PRICE: 7,594 £


Inspired by the Cornish Rex breed of cat these delicate earrings stand out in a crowd. A two-part design with a cat head in the front and a sleek, slightly curved tail in the back.
 Available in 18k yellow gold with tsavorite garnets.

PRICE: 2,949 £


A delicate ring with a cat head. Gracefully curled tail tenderly holds the ring on a finger.
Available in 18k yellow gold with tsavorite garnets or without. 

PRICE: 624 £


Available in 18k white gold with diamonds.

PRICE: 690 £


A set of cufflinks with a motif of a cat playfully biting into a shirt cuff. The surfaces shaping the image of the cat and its broad, slightly pointed ears make a perfect composition with the cuffs creating an elegant element of an attire designed for both men and women
Available in 18k yellow gold with tsavorite garnets.

PRICE: 3,523£


Available in:
sterling silver (probe 925) with black diamonds

PRICE: 370 £