Slavic Gold

For centuries flower head wreaths have been considered a symbol of purity and closeness to nature. They defined the beauty of women wearing them along with their long braided hair. Inspired by the culture and rich history of the region the Slavic Gold collection brings a modern interpretation of these Eastern European characteristic folklore motifs.
Design referring to a classic Slavic stylization, a woman wearing a floral head wreath. Handcrafted in gold the ring combines matte and lustre finishes that bring out the details of this intricate sculpture. The flowers in the wreath can be studded with one color or multicolor gemstones giving the ring a vivid spring-like look.
Available in 18k yellow gold with emeralds, sapphires or diamonds
Design referring in a form to a traditional hair style of Slavic women. A double banded ring with two crossing braids decorating centrally mounted baguette cut/radiant cut stone.
Available in 18k yellow gold with emerald, amethhyst or onyx. Gemstones cut on special order.