Anna Lubomirska is a London artist and jewellery designer. Anna started her creative journey as a painter and a sculpturer, however she has always felt drawn to the world of jewellery perceiving it as a never-ending ocean of inspiration and discovery. That, combined with her talent for drawing and graphics has lead her into her current position as a renowned jewellery designer. Her interest in creating jewellery is driven with an intense emotional attachment and passion. She sees jewellery and the strength of feeling behind it as a part of eternal life connections through generations. She puts her heart into every design and her dream is to create jewellery that would be precious and meaningful to its owners. Anna’s work is a direct translation of her interest in history, nature and symbolism. She is fascinated by the beauty of the animal kingdom and the intricate detail it contains. In her designs she often refers to symbols of European cultures and antiquity. She always focuses on details and she takes great pleasure in transforming her ideas into real objects.