Seen as the lord of the land lion is a symbol for undying courage, supreme strength, fearlessness as well as bravery. Lion’s mane resembles a crown giving the animal a dignified and majestic appereance. Kings and emperors have long included lions on their coat of arms and the lion representing royalty has always enjoyed a high place in the heraldry. In pre-modern times, it was also believed that lions slept with their eyes open – a lion is always watchful over its domain, and so it is with the monarchy it represents. In today’s world lion grandeur and noble character are associated with great power humans may possess, like self-control, assertiveness and balance of life which leads to personal success. The Lion Cufflinks are the first piece of the upcoming Royal Collection by Anna Lubomirska. They are made of 24-karat gold plated sterling silver and decorated with semi precious stone or enamel, the color of which is chosen according to client’s wishes.